You can enjoy the experience of Siaani and share it with your friends with these following promotions:


Referral Program

20/20 – No it’s not the TV news program, it’s our referral program. Here’s how simple it is – make a referral and we will give both you and your friend a 20% discount off of your bill. It’s easy, it’s simple and we really love referrals! To learn more about this deal, speak with your stylist about our 20/20 program here at Siaani Salon.

Monthly Drawing

Another way of saying thank you to our loyal clients is our $100 drawing. Here’s what you do – book your next appointment before you leave and you will be eligible for our monthly drawing. What do you win? $100 worth of services!  One more way we say thank you for being our most valued client.

Student Discounts

Ask your stylist for details.

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